The Three Minds

"Are you ON mind, FRONT of mind or TOP of mind?"

Kwan empowers people to create connections, rather than merely contacts, and convert them into advocates – the key to effective, high-value, sustainable relationships.

KWAN Three Minds

Leaders today face three significant challenges:

  • The sustainability challenge – empowering high-performing people and maintaining and growing value through a pipeline of reliable opportunities
  • The agility challenge – adapting to an ever-changing marketplace by being flexible and nimble without diluting core purpose
  • The innovation challenge – managing the insatiable need for new ways of thinking and working while remaining focused on their vision

Effective leadership; meaningful, authentic, sustainable relationship building capability; and collaboration within and across organisations are central to meeting these challenges.

Kwan can mobilise your people with the values, behaviours and strategies to build this transformational capability.

"Advocacy is an authentic and purposeful way to live your life and do business… consciously understanding who is important, why they are important, what is important to them and how you can remain relevant and top of mind with each other." - Jon Burgess