Whether your focus is on your internal or external stakeholders, we help you transform the way your executives, senior leaders and frontline talent engage with people.

Does your team have the relevant people around them to deliver on your organisation’s strategy?
Are your people equipped to build and sustain high-value relationships?
Are your teams consciously connecting, and effectively and purposefully collaborating?

Leaders rigorously assess people for their capability and character, all while commonly assuming those people have the connectedness needed to create and sustain effective and authentic relationships. At Kwan, we call this ‘the blindspot’ in business. We enable and mobilise advocacy and relationship management capability using a high-thought/low-touch approach that is time-smart and practically equips your people for success.

With a proven range of modules, we work with clients to develop tailored strategies that help teams build sustainable relationships that underpin organisational performance. These can address internal or external engagement and collaboration, or a combination of both.


KWAN Services

We use an advocate-in-residence approach that complements the strengths and strategy of an organisation’s leader and executive. The advocate-in-residence enables and mobilises your people for success in three key ways:

  • Advocacy council – they establish a council of relevant advocates to provide strategic advice and guidance to your leader and executive for specific business challenges
  • Advocacy modules – they build, embed and expand advocacy capability through Kwan’s tailored evaluate-enable-embed modules
  • Advocacy projects – they can be called on to support and execute special projects focused on relationships and strategy, boosting internal capacity.


After an introduction to advocacy principles and values, participants complete our online KPAS™ (Kwan People Advocacy Score) survey. This reveals the strength of their relationship building capability and sets a foundation to benchmark performance, improve accountability and track progress over time.


We facilitate a flexible masterclass series that covers The Three Minds™ as well as advocacy values, behaviours to connect and collaborate, and strategies to remain relevant and top of mind. We walk people through a process to create individual implementation plans that identify the most important relationships for the next 12 months.


Through peer-to-peer learnings and feedback sessions, people share their experiences and explore, with their peers, how they can better increase their connectivity. This coaching is available for initial programs or as refreshers. It enables practical, real-time learning and stronger collaboration within teams to build momentum.